The Sun Does Not Revolve Around The Earth.

Today, believing the notion of the Sun orbiting the Earth would have many people believe that you are insane, or highly uneducated at the very least.

However, quite a number of people still believe that the Earth does not orbit the Sun. A common problem in today’s society is that people have a bizarre belief that the world revolves around them. The name for this phenomenon is ‘individualism’.

This ideology came into existence in the 1960’s, during the counter-culture revolution in the United States. The world and it’s populace was yearning for a utopian post-war society. The counter-culture society had a rift circa 1970 on how to re-order society. The rift was between two different ideologies, the belief that to change the world, the individual had to liberate itself from corporate power, known as individualism and the belief that to change the world, the collective had to liberate itself from corporate power, known as collectivism. Individualism won out due to it’s difficulty to regulate and we as a society feel the ramifications of this decision today.

But Jack, I hear you ask: liberation of the individual from corporate power is a great idea is it not? My answer to this question is that yes, in theory individualism is a great idea, but corporations being the slimy things they are saw that people wanted to express themselves individually and thought, ‘great, we can sell these people things that boost their self-importance.’ Think about it. Why have Rolex watches become such a status symbol? Is because they can tell you what time it is in hyperspace? No, it’s because they are expensive, leading the buyer to feel that they have achieved success when they buy one. And by this exploitation, the corporations make excessive money, the radicals killed themselves with their own ideology.

In this secular world, where science has in itself become a religion, we are taught that buying things, and expressing ourselves will lead to our eventual happiness. If not consuming, then you get enslaved by the goal of fame, whereupon you are given such an ego boost by quote on quote success, that you can easily be coerced by the corporate world to sell products to masses, that is, if you are lucky enough to be aware of it even happening. Well these myths are bullshit, plain and simple. Think about the most expensive thing you own. When you brought it, did you think, I feel complete – I’m truly happy. Of course you didn’t, but I’ll bet you were besotted with it for a few days. That’s what consumerism is, a drug that gives you quick fixes but never makes you truly happy. How ironic, that individualism, an idea designed to liberate the individual has lead to an increase in suicide rates globally since the 60’s. People realise the myth when it is too late, dreams of fame and recognition have ended and all that awaits is growing old.

What does make us happy? Let’s go to Denmark, the happiest country in the world to find out. It turns out that the Danes place a huge value on connection. Hygge refers to the Danish idea of making architecture as comfortable as possible, to remove barriers between people and encourage conversation and closeness between people. Danes themselves have even said that they put their countries’ level of happiness down to hygge, an idea specific to the area. In most modern western civilisations, there are quite a number of people that don’t know their neighbours, Denmark however is quite comfortable with being an open society with tight knit communities, where neighbourly relations are rather more warm. Denmark understands that the collective is more important than the individual when it comes to happiness. You like going out with your friends, yes? Well there’s the secret, look after your friends, speak to them more and in person.

Why is connection so important? Is there something we don’t know about that makes it necessary for us to really connect and have deeper relationships with those in our lives? Call me crazy but I think that there is. Indeed, the world does not revolve around you or me, it revolves around the sun. Money doesn’t make the world go round, but sharing some with a friend might just do the trick.

You are not the Sun. The world doesn’t decide if you have a bad day or not, that is entirely up to you and how you interact with the people in it. Most problems generally stem from thought – the world isnt out to get you, it’s there to invite you in to create relationships and to be happy, not to pursue happiness.


 Nick Yarris: Went Through Hell, And Became A Saint.

It was about five months ago, that I learned of Nick Yarris. For those you that are unfamiliar with this extraordinary man’s story – I’ll give you a brief summary, I’ll try and do his story justice, but if you want to find out more, I recommend watching his bio-documentary ‘The Fear of 13′ on Netflix and a podcast Nick did on YouTube with The True Geordie, which I’ll link below.

After a tumultuous childhood, where Yarris had been abused and had been snared by drugs, he was wrongfully acquitted of assault of a police officer. Failimg to convict Yarris of this crime, the justice system used a media storm to try and falsely convict Yarris of the murder and rape of a woman in the area. His punishment for committing no crime? Life imprisonment and the death penalty.

This completely innocent and troubled young man was put in a prison where speaking was forbidden, beatings, murder, and prisoners fighting for the entertainment of the guards were commonplace. This is not what I want to focus on however.

One of the guards, took pity on Yarris and handed him some books. Nick had been given some new drugs. Yarris, having been failed by a poor education system, taught himself every word in the dictionary and amassed over one thousand books during his time behind bars. It was by doing this that he learned of DNA testing, a new phenomenon that was seeing innocent people being released daily across the States. This led to Yarris’ eventual release after 23 years on death row, but not before the accidental destruction of most of the evidence from the original trial, Yarris losing the love of his life, a social services worker brought in to improve prison facilities, and the contraction of hepatitis C from a dental appointment, which almost killed Yarris and lead him to request to be executed (this was eventually delayed and evidence that proved Yarris’ was found).
Being innocent on death row. That alone would fill an ordinary man with anger and vengeful thoughts. But as you know by now, Nick Yarris is the furthest removed thing from ordinary you can imagine. While educating himself in prison, he learned of neuroplasticity, the proven idea that when you change your thought patterns and actions, your brain will adjust accordingly. Yarris removed all family pictures from the walls of his cell and replaced them with a solitary image, of himself. When being beaten at the hands of the guards or being slandered at the hands of the media, Yarris spoke to himself, assuring himself that he was indeed, a good man and didn’t deserve any of this treatment.

I love this lesson so much. No matter how much the wind blows in your face, if you can assure youself that you can carry on walking through it, then you will absolutely reach the bright skies. Another thing I took away from this amazing story, is that when no-one is on your side (remember the media had portrayed Nick as a monster, evidence was either lost or destroyed, his family had lost hope, his wife had left) you always have yourself. It’s so important to regularly remind yourself that you are the only person you have for your entire life. It’s life’s necessity to look after yourself, it’s something I always see, people are hell bent on fixing others, while they themselves are broken on the inside.

If these lessons can help a man that was beaten physically to the ground and had his conscience eaten away by heartbreak, disease, the removal of hope and dignity, then they can sure help you when you are down or struggling. That’s the reason I’m making this post, this story is important and could help you or someone you know, that’s why I’ve taken much longer than usual to write a piece that is perhaps shorter than some of my others, but the importance of the message is no less important.

Nick Yarris has shown me that talking to youself is not a sign of madness, but a sign of love. Thank you Nick, I hope I did you justice when so many other have failed!

True Geordie podcast with Nick Yarris:

Get to know me – a stop gap post!

This is just to fill in while I finish a bigger and better post, it’s a bit more light than my usual stuff, enjoy!

First thing I do in the morning?

No one’s a saint, usually I turn off the alarm and go back to bed!
What makes me happy?

It’s easy to make me happy, spending time with my family or friends I guess, Liverpool winning games isn’t a reliable source of happiness but when they do win, it’s always a good time – especially against Man. United!

What makes me angry?

Injustice, whether it be to me or other people. When other people are being completely unreasonable is difficult to deal with also. Other than that, it’s quite hard to anger me, I find it fruitless.

What makes me emotional?

Honestly not much, probably the same as what makes me angry! Also Liverpool’s defending.

Who would I most like to meet?

The CEO of any major internet corporation. Not because I’m a fanboy, but they are completely immoral, I’d like to give them a piece of my mind if nothing else!

Favourite noise?

The opening notes of ‘Here Comes The Sun’ by The Beatles.

Least favourite noise? 

I hate hearing anyone else cry.

Favourite song?

I don’t know about you, but I think this question has been answered! ‘Revolution’ (The Beatles) is also a favourite!

Favourite Album?

Abbey Road just edges out Let It Be for me!

Funniest thing that happened recently?

Ok so I was playing in a football (soccer for the American audience ❤) match, in goal and the pitch was drenched with muddy puddles. We had conceded a corner and an opposing player was, quite forcibly trying to block me from the ball. What did I do? Jumped in one of the puddles and splashed him! In his defence he took it well, nice guy.

Weirdest thing that happened recently?

Back to football, our team was winning a game that we were not expected to win. Not to inflate my ego, but I had made quite a few good saves, and was duly winding up the opposition a fair bit, all fun and games! So we went on an attack and I was alone in goal when their forward just walked up (miles offside) to the edge of my box and stared at me. I went right up to him, nose to nose, smiled and said, “you’re not going to score looking at me!”


Last Christmas, I recieved the best present ever. Our family was sat round the table, chatting after a delicious meal. The children had left to play – as children like to do, while I remained with my parents and my grandmother. The trio, I’m excluding myself here, were conversing about the death of a townsperson, when unprovoked and out of the blue, my grandmother turned to me and said,

“Jack, you look pensive, what are you thinking about?”

I told my grandmother that I was “just listening,” even though I was daydreaming about the day as it had passed. What I was thinking about was, however, completely irrelevant. My grandmother had just shown me how powerful simply being quiet, in a room filled with, as far as I was concerned, white noise, could be. I had brought the whole room to a standstill and had said or done nothing to do so. I had had the gift of quiet nature forever, but that Christmas, my grandmother showed me how to open it.

I had been naturally quiet growing up and while going through school, but had always seen it as a hindrance to my popularity. Here’s an example of this destructive mindset at play in my first year of secondary school – I had decided to make a concious effort to be louder and more noticeable, to make friends. This worked externally – people gravitated towards me, but not internally, towards the end of the year I felt like a fraud, or an actor. I dropped the act in my second year, not conscientiously, I was just tired of it, but made strong friendships with a hamdful of like minded people.

Of course, I’m a real life adult now, I know the concept of popularity in the innocent scholastic form is banal – to say the least, but I’ve always wondered, if there were any more actors out there who never made the move backstage that I did. I’d like to be able to stop environments like school that cultivate dilemmas like the one I faced, for fellow quiet people, but I can’t. What I can show you, are the wonderful hidden secrets of embracing your quiet side – no matter how big or small it is.

There is a word for people that are in their own head too much – thinkers. I’ve diffused multiple arguments in my lifetime by simply listening to people argue, interrupting them and offering a solution – it’s like a superpower of mine (and you’ll find yours too!). Also – thinkers are cool. They know exactly the type of person they are and what they stand for, because often times, they have taken time to find out how they feel about things. Bernie Sanders is a thinker, John Lennon was a thinker (though it could have been LSD, hard to tell), neither of those guys can/could be fooled by bullshit – and they are able to back up what they say to the hilt. All good qualities, in my humble opinion. (The ‘o’ word makes a dreaded appearance…)

You don’t have to be quiet all the time. Some people are more extroverted than others by nature, that’s how it is. If you are LOUD AND PROUD then go for it, but not all the time, if you need downtime, don’t ignore that. Introverts can stretch to perform extroverted activities (e.g. clubbing) but need more downtime afterwards. The man who coined the terms ‘introversion’ and ‘extroversion’ actually said, “anyone who is too far to either extreme of the spectrum, should be locked away as insane!” That would explain me then…!

If you are naturally more quiet, chances are you aren’t very good at small talk. Or if you’re like me, you actively despise it and avoid it! But that’s fine, it’s easier for you to bring up deeper topics. (Just to clarify, extroverts can do this too, but in my experience, tend not to revel in it).

Loud people are gold. I love talkers (nearly as much as quiet people). There is no greater relief for a quiet person, than to be in a conversation with someone who wants to talk! Extroverts are fun and become more valuable if you realise that you don’t know what to say, they can do it for you!

This next bit is my favourite. Quiet people are mysterious. You can’t tell what they are thinking unless they tell you. You can speculate about what they are  really like, but the thing is you’ll not find out unless you ask them – because there’s no way they’ll start that conversation! I know people have said things about me behind my back before. I don’t care, I know who I am, let them second guess if they like!
Being quiet also helps in making good decisions. I have a acquaintance, who when in conversation, will try and push his joke/narrative until he gets a laugh, or approval. This approach usually ends up with most people unfortunate enough to be in the conversation, wallowing in a pool of their own cringe. The skill of being quiet has helped me numerous times, to say the right thing when it needs to be said, and not to interject in a conversation at any given moment because of my own self-aggrandizement. (Ayyy)

To conclude, embracing one’s quiet side has many hidden, unexplored secrets. Use quietness to empower yourself. If you have it naturally use it, don’t try and hide it, you’ll get heckled off stage. If you are naturally louder, I like you, be considerate of quiet people though, you forget about us sometimes!

Ghandi said it best,

“In a gentle way, you can shake the world”

How Donald Trump is linked to a 4 year-old.

Don’t mistake this piece as slanderous towards Donald Trump. I am actually going to praise him, despite disagreeing with him on a fundamental level – Social Justice Warriors take note, not everyone you disagree with is an idiot.

Today my sister, who happens to be 4 years of age, went to her dark place, unwilling to co-operate or communicate with anyone in the household. You know the drill, tantrums to get her own way, mindless shrieking and general anti-social behaviour. I cannot blame her for this, she is four.

I enjoy persuading people to do things using words, this is, however, especially difficult when the argumentative style of the person you are trying to persuade is, for the most part, crying.

Today, I had my lightbulb moment. When my sister and I were alone together I began to sing, “I like being good,” in a mantra style. Call me a lyrical genius but she joined in, and behaved like an angel for the rest of the day, although I still can’t get that fucking song out of my head!

So, how does a four year old being good, relate to big lad Donald Trump, I hear all five readers ask? Well, as it turns out, old Donald is good at the mantras himself, except he uses them in a much more negative way!

Here’s an example of Donald’s genius. You may remember how earlier this week he decided that transgender people were too expensive to be in his military. This decision, was rightly met with derision from most of his oppostion. What Donald did next was what I call “news-shunting,” a process whereby he reduces the effect of a very negative headline, by generating other less negative headlines to take the place of the original sin in the mainstream media.

After the transgender fiasco, Trump quickly fired his new press secretary Anthony Scaramucci and labelled the White House a “dump” before claiming not to have made the statement. News-shunting at it’s finest, the transgender debate is out of people’s heads before Trump was even properly contested on the matter.

What infuriates me is the stupidity of the left-wing media to take any statement Trump makes and create a headline from it, rather than focusing on the more serious things he does wrong, destroying the environment, retracting transgender rights or wall-building. Instead outlets like CNN are more concerned with being offended by innocent memes and a video of Trump reportedly ignoring a disabled boy (which turned out to be grossly out of context, Trump spent more time with the child than any other person in the video).

Trump will continue to send his buzzwords, “huge,” “great,” and “values” over the mainstream media and the MSM will display them to the masses, like the obendient corporate entity that they are. Trump’s words stick in the minds of both educated and uneducated people, so like him or not he’s not an idiot by any stretch of the imagination, he does what he does very well.

If, like me, you only want four years of Trump not eight, simply don’t give him a platform. Stop watching the news, he’s on there all the time, don’t retweet or share accounts opposing Trump (Buzzfeed are the usual culprits), they only give him and unpopular left-wing “outrageists” a platform. Trump knows from business that there is no such thing as bad publicity. Share this blog post if you like, you never know – it might help de-platform Donald Trump!

If that fails, our only hope is to circle the White House (when Donald is home) and sing, “I like being good,” it might strike a chord with him…

Hard times…

Ever fell over? You got back up.

Ever been lost? You found the way.

Ever had to rush to do something? You still did it.

Ever cried? You dried your eyes.

Ever broken a bone? It healed.

Ever had your countries’ hopes of reaching a World Cup ripped away, had eight days to write two 1,500 essays, felt trapped in your own home, been persistently ignored by your peers and been sick in space of a week?

Thought so. Don’t worry, your track record is perfect.

Hard times exist only to show yourself your own greatness.

Now go out there and be an egotistical maniac.

The Key to Sanity is Insanity.

Hey ugly! Ever been stuck in an awfully boring conversation about the weather and just wanted to break out into an uncontrollably dangerous dance that would cause significant amounts of damage to your opponent  people in the vicinity? No? Well you’re LYING! I’ve imagined this, and you may say I’m a dreamer but I’m not the only one.

My need to break barriers in a mentally deranged way has arisen to because of how successful I’ve seen it be at home. One day in the previous 6,688 days in which I have been consciously alive, the other less old humans with which I reside were causing my mother serious annoyance. I found a leprechaun hat and a pair of askew sunglasses put them on appropriately and then entered the room that my mother happened to be in. I told her, “the bad children cop is here to take away any misbehaving children.” Both my mother and the children had an almighty giggle and it cheered up everyone’s day. The misbehaving children were never brought to justice, they are still at large – with no reward if they are found.

My eldest sister is 11 and every night we drink tea and chat away. Due to my positive influence our conversations have now transcended the realm of grey ordinarity. Yesterday, we were conversing about how strange it is that people make extravagant hand gestures while talking, so decided to make each other laugh by saying absurd things like, “How many litres of beans will I bring to work tomorrow Dave – yes it’s for entertainment purposes?” while making said hand gestures (She said this, completely deadpan – yes I laughed, and with pride). Wild behaviour like this should be encouraged in everyday conversation. (I mean the fun not the bean-smuggling)

The best thing about being a complete psychopath  having nonsense as your main joke, is that no-one gets hurt, there is no punchline or butt of the joke, just abnormal behaviour. It’s all innocent behaviour and other people are free to join in. Here’s an example, at work, one time, a co-worker came near me and said, “something smells strange here,” my faked reply to this non-question being, “I was just testing the scents of perfume out on myself to know which one to recommend to customers.” My co-worker mused, “it must have been Eau de toilette because it smells like shit!” Innocent absurdity leads to fun times like that one, it can liven up a dull day at your shitty job too  work.

I also have the anthem of the Soviet Union on a playlist labelled “Best Songs” on Spotify – not because I’m a raging Communist, but because someday, I hope – an American-flag wielding patriot Texan will come across this playlist and realise the joke, smile a bit and see that the world is just a bit of fun. Nonsense and insanity can save the world, insert SJW forced Donald Trump joke here,  I’ve recently been thinking that U.S. – North Korean tensions should be solved by a dance battle between Trump and Kim Jong-Un – two fat white guys just fucking porkin’ it on the floor. I’d watch that, of course if Kim wins then we can just arrest the fatty. No one dies, the most bad guy loses, we all win, smiles all round. Take ISIS, their soldiers believe that when they die, they will have 72 virgins awaiting them in heaven when they die. Now they are anti many things, but ISIS are staunchly anti-homosexual, imagine the chaos then, when we send them top secret information, saying that the virgins in heaven are in fact – homosexual men, big burly fellas as well. ISIS would have no raison-d’être then, the group disbands, we win, no-one dies! Give Neo-Nazis a hug, I bet they fucking hate hugs, the cold bastards.

What have we established here? Well, I know that random acts of lunacy are essential to making friends and removing enemies. In this strange and often depressing world, a little freak action can help you and those you influence see the bigger picture. We try so hard to be serious, but life on Earth is short and you only get one shot at it, acts of insanity keep you sane in this insane existance!

Conclusion that provokes deep thought.

Update: The blog is now weekly.

There are three reasons for this, in order of importance, here they are.

1. I want each post to have more structure, research and depth. It’s very difficult to achieve quality in a day.

2. Time. Again, it’s in a day, I love writing these but it takes a good chunk out of my day.

3. Ideas. I don’t want to use them all up!

Unless I get a huge negative backlash against this post, I’ll keep the weekly format. I’m still learning the ropes, bear with me!

JUST GIMME SOME TRUTH! – Modern music has lost it’s soul and replaced it with money.

A few days ago, former Beatles drummer Ringo Starr released a new single titled: ‘We’re On The Road Again.’ Not Starr’s finest work, I prefer ‘It Don’t Come Easy,’ but I can’t stop listening to this new track. There are many reasons for this, I’m a huge fan of The Beatles, who for obvious reasons don’t release new music! Also, most charting music does nothing for me – there are of course exceptions to this, new albums from Lana Del Rey and Kasabian have been highly enjoyable, but most charting hits have gone for a sound over a message, and this bothers me.

It is impossible for me to find artists even close to the level of musical perfection of The Beatles, because the charts are permeated with dance tracks. Don’t get me wrong, it’s fun to have a bop – but surely no-one can dance 24/7? Not every song has to be about falling in love, or getting hammered at the club – neither of these things resonate with me, am I wrong to want to hear alternatives?

Of course, dance tracks make record companies money (I’m looking at you EMI), and the more a song (I’m looking at you Despacito) gets played at the club, on the radio or at festivals the more money goes into the record companies back pocket – I’m not blaming the artists for this, they get very little of the cut incidentally. Dance tracks are like viruses, they hit a lot of people and stay in their heads, leading the track to be bought/downloaded en masse. It’s a cyclical problem.

The internet too, has destroyed the soul of music. Andrew Keen writes in his book, ‘The Internet Is Not The Answer;’ “If you searched hard enough on the Golden Mile of Vinyl and in Soho’s many other independent record shops, you could dig up the most obscure recordings. And if you couldn’t find what you were looking for, or weren’t sure, the stores employed real human beings, rather than algorithms, to answer questions and give recommendations of what to sample and buy. These human beings weren’t infallible, but they were much more likely to come up with serendipitous recommendations than algorithms that know our entire purchasing history and thus just tell us what we already know.”

This exerpt wonderfully illustrates how apps like Spotify (I’m guilty here!) and Google Play Music just feed people what they know. This algorithmic method of selling not only stifles new creators but has put the “real human beings” out of a job. If The Beatles started their band in 2017 they would have been fucked by a computer. Need proof? Search ‘Don’t Let Me Down’ on YouTube. The algorithm brings up The Chainsmokers’ edition featuring Zara Larsson ahead of The Beatles’  version from their final live performance on the rooftop of the iconic Abbey Road Studios, a true Lennon masterclass. Originality is dead.

To prove I’m not the type of guy who goes to the YouTube comments section of Queen videos and writes, “I was born in the wrong generation,” or similar self-aggrandizing (ayyyy) crap, here’s a picture originally captioned; “leaked image of The Chainsmokers recording studio”

I couldn’t agree more! Other genres have also suffered. Rap has gone down the drain, I can see this and I’m not even a fan of it. Eminem and Kanye West are supposedly from the same genre as Nicki Minaj. Classics such as ‘Swolla’ and ‘Anaconda’ have not recieved rave reviews for the quality of their lyrics.

Can you imagine, if 5 Seconds of Summer, for example, underwent the same transition as The Beatles did when they made ‘Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band?’ Me neither. Their record company would hate that, woke records don’t sell. Messages like those conveyed in ‘Revolution’ (The Beatles) are exactly the type that are counter-productive in the pursuit of money.

Are there any artists out there today completely that are completely independent to create music and explore different styles? Kanye West is the Only One (ft. Paul McCartney) (10/10 joke well done Jack), that I know of. Projects like Tidal and artists that care for and have a real passion for music like West are the only way out of the dance music cocoon we find ourselves in.

It will be a long and winding road out of the dance trance.

My First Post, why I’m here…

My name’s jeff  Jack and I decided to set this up because I need something to do in my down time that is productive, I watch too much YouTube. It will be a place for me to vent my thoughts on things that happen my world. I’ll do my best to update it every night, so stay tuna’d.